2nd Chance Banking at Central Credit Union of Maryland

Central Credit Union of MarylandFounded in 1950, Central Credit Union of Maryland is a large, non-profit financial institution offering exceptional services to its members in MD. Central CU develops two checking options to meet different needs.

CENTRAL checking is a real free checking with which you can access your funds though direct deposit, Payroll Deduction or ATMs nationwide. It is designed with debit card too. And you’ll be eligible for free online banking and telephone banking.

Renew Checking brings second chance for members who have trouble with past checking accounts to get back on their feet. So, if you have negative records on Chexsystems, you are suggested to take Renew Checking into your consideration. Then you can manage and access to your money easily with online banking, bill payer and debit card. What’s more, there is chance for you to apply for a regular checking account of Central CU after a year’s usage.

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