Woodforest Bank’s Second Chance Checking Accounts

Woodforest BankEstablished in 1980, Woodforest National Bank is a large bank serving in more than seventeen states in USA with its over 750 branches. The bank has branch offices in Virginia, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, West Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Louisiana, New York, Illinois, Mississippi, Maryland and Indiana.

Checking Options at Woodforest

Woodforest Checking is a type of non-interest bearing checking account with no unlimited transaction and opening deposit of $25.00.

Second Chance Checking is a good opportunity especially for members who have past checking challenges. The initial deposit is only $25. And the monthly service fee is $7.95-$9.95. Note that it is also a non-interest bearing checking account.

Choice Checking comes with many features including unlimited check writing, interest bearing, no monthly maintenance fee if your balance is at least $750. The opening deposit is $100.

You can learn more about other checking products at here:


  • Site: www.woodforest.com
  • Email: info@woodforest.com
  • Tel: 866-226-5724

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