The Alabama Credit Union – 2nd Chance and Free Checking

The Alabama Credit UnionThe Alabama Credit Union is member-owned, full-service financial cooperative serving in Alabama. The credit union provides many featured products such as student loans, vehicle loans, Teen Club Checking, free checking and fix-it checking. If you want to apply for a new account of the credit union, you are required to be a good owner of the following ID account:

  • Driver license or any other state-issued photo ID
  • UA Action Card or UAH Charger Card
  • Tax ID or SSN

If you want to apply for free checking, you’ll be required to deposit at least $20 at first.

And Fix-It Checking is a second chance for those who have past banking challenge to open a fresh checking account. Before you apply for the account, you are required to repaid all issues to other financial institutions and attend the Alabama Credit Union’s mandatory online class which is about how to manage a new checking account. It is a customizable┬áchecking option that you can choose to have a visa or debit card. Plus, with a good checking history of more than half of a year, you’ll be eligible for more services of this credit union. You can Click Here to Learn More!.


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  • Tel: 888-817-2002

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